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Learn About Alaska Hunting Licenses

An Alaska hunting license is available to residents and nonresidents who wish to hunt for the state’s diverse game legally. To get your AK hunting permit, you must meet the age and residence requirements and take a hunters education course approved by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). 

These online and in-person classes provide hunting information such as weapon use, wildlife identification and basic wilderness survival skills. 

Alaska offers various DNR license documents that allow senior citizens, foreign/aliens, military members and minors to hunt for sports or subsistence reasons. Low-income Alaska residents may apply for a free DNR hunting license if they meet the federal poverty level income standards. 

Applicants may get a license online or in person, at any of the hundreds of official license vendors located within retail shops statewide. 

Every hunter with a permit is responsible for knowing updated hunting rules and regulations, and abiding by any restrictions set by ADF&G. A hunter’s license provides access to many types of big and small game during specific hunting seasons, which vary within each of Alaska’s diverse geographical regions. 

Each Game Management Unit has its own seasons, rules and regulations, so hunters must familiarize themselves with the area in which they plan to hunt. 

Learn How to Get a Hunting License in Alaska

Hunters and trappers wondering how to get a hunting license in Alaska will find the process easy to accomplish. You can get a hunting permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) if you meet the eligibility requirements and pay the associated fees. 

An online hunting license in Alaska is available if you prefer to print your license from the convenience of your own home. Continue reading to learn where to buy proper hunting documents, and what requirements you must meet to hunt legally in Alaska. 

Learn About Types of Hunting Licenses in Alaska

While a lifetime hunting license in Alaska is not currently available to hunters in the state, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) provides many ways for residents and nonresidents to hunt legally. The state offers many kinds of Alaska out of state hunting license documents to nonresidents who travel to hunt for unique, native game. 

A resident hunting license also comes in several varieties to meet the needs of all Alaskans, including those who hunt recreationally, and those who hunt for cultural and subsistence-related reasons. Read the sections below to learn about the different licenses available in Alaska today. 

Learn About Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Alaska

An Alaska hunter safety course is required before most individuals can learn how to obtain a hunting license successfully. A hunter education course is a good idea for hunters of all ages and skill levels, as it helps reduce hunting accidents and provides the info needed to create a safe hunting experience for all. 

Alaska hunters education programs cover hunting basics, such as firearms safety, the safe use of other weapons, state wildlife laws and the ethics involved with hunting. Review the sections below to learn which Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G)-approved program is right for you. 

Learn About Alaska Hunting Laws and Regulations

Regulations for hunting season in Alaska are intended to protect public safety and to promote good wildlife management policies. Hunters must be educated on Alaska hunting laws before entering the field, to avoid breaking the law and incurring fines or other penalties. 

Each season and region, or unit, has its own rules and regulations. Alaska’s hunting information is updated on a regular basis, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) welcomes ideas from the public. Review the sections below to learn about Alaska fish and game hunting regulations and to learn about restrictions on weapons, season dates and game harvests.