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Learn About Colorado Hunting Licenses

A Colorado hunting license is required before you can hunt, trap, pursue or kill any species of game in the state. A hunting permit is issued by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department, also known as the CPW or the DNR. 

Applying for a license requires that you submit proof of your identity and proof that you have successfully completed a hunting education class. There are a few situations in which you do not have to take hunter safety, but you will still need to test out of class. When applying for a DNR license in CO, it helps to understand that there are a wide range of permit types to choose from. 

In addition to a general DNR hunting license, you will need to apply for tags that allow you to take specific kinds of animals, namely big game species. Because there is a lot of competition to obtain big game licenses, you may need to enter a drawing in order to get a license.

In addition to administering hunting licenses, the CPW also oversees the rules and regulations relating to hunting. The hunting regulations can change from year to year, making it important to review the rules on a regular basis even if you are an experienced hunter. 

The laws for hunting permits dictate the times of day that you can hunt as well as the areas that you are allowed to hunt in. Most importantly, hunting regulations stipulate the type of animals you are allowed to hunt as well as the number you can take of each species. 

Learn How to Get a Hunting License in Colorado 

Learning how to get a hunting license in Colorado is the first step to take if you wish to hunt for big game, small game or waterfowl in the state. A hunting permit is required so that you can legally trap, hunt, pursue or kill most species of birds or mammals in Colorado as a resident or nonresident. 

There are a limited number of species that you can hunt without a permit, but most animals can only be taken if you have obtained the proper licensure. 

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department (CPW) is responsible for issuing licenses. To order an online hunting license or apply for one through other methods, you will need to pay a fee and provide a variety of information to prove your eligibility.

Learn About Types of Hunting Licenses in Colorado 

Many avid hunters want to buy a lifetime hunting license in Colorado when they plan on hunting every year. For those who do not want to pay the fee for lifetime hunting access, there are plenty of other options to choose from, including annual and temporary permits. 

Colorado also offers hunting licenses that you need in order to take specific kinds of birds and mammals. Licenses such as these are typically required for big game species including deer or moose, as well as certain types of waterfowl, after the required education course has been taken. 

Whether you get an out of state hunting license in CO or you live in the state permanently, you usually need to buy a habitat stamp before you are eligible to buy any type of license. Specific types of stamps are also required before you can hunt waterfowl. Learn About Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Colorado 

Enrolling in a hunter safety course in Colorado is mandatory in most cases, but it is in your best interest to take a class even if you are not required to do so. A hunter’s education course covers a wide variety of topics that you will want and need to know before getting out in the field. While many people think that education classes are only required for younger hunters, you need to take a class under most circumstances before you will be eligible for a license regardless of your age.

Upon completion of hunter’s education, you will need to provide proof that you have taken the course before you can get a license unless you are exempt from the education requirements. You will also need to carry proof that you have completed the course even after you get your license. 

Learn About Colorado Hunting Laws and Regulations 

Using the correct hunting season in Colorado is one of the most important regulations to follow when you get out in the field. Some species of animals and birds can be taken all year, but many game animals can only be harvested during specific times. Seasons are enforced so that birds and mammals are not over-hunted, which helps ensure a strong population for hunters in the future. 

Hunting regulations such as these are put in place not only to conserve the wildlife populations, but to protect hunters as well. There are a variety of rules that hunters must follow for their own protection as well as for the safety of other hunters, which most hunters can learn through hunter safety and education courses. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department (CPW) is in charge of setting the regulations and making updates as necessary. Even experienced hunters should check for new hunting regulations each season, as the laws can change from one year to the next.