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Learn About Louisiana Hunting Licenses

Getting a hunting license in Louisiana is a very straightforward and simple process, as long as you know what to do, and where to buy it. The appropriate hunting permit and license is required of any hunter aged 16 years old or older, with certain exceptions allowed for specific demographics. All other hunters are required to obtain the correct documentation and to keep it valid and current throughout the duration of the hunter’s time in the field.

There are specific hunting permits for certain wildlife, for certain methods of hunting and for specific hunting events or seasons. Hunters are required to have the necessary documentation and proof of hunting licenses or permits on their person while hunting, in addition to following all other state laws and regulations relevant to the specific wildlife and area being hunted.

Sometimes called a DNR license in other states that have a Department of Natural Resources, in Louisiana, it is the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission that oversees all hunting regulations and requirements. A DNR hunting license from another state is not considered valid in Louisiana, with the exception of a Mississippi license – if you are hunting along the Mississippi River that borders the two states. Therefore, you must purchase the required license for any hunting in Louisiana, whether you are a resident of the state or not. Nonresident licenses are available through the same means as resident licenses, so you can plan ahead and ensure you obtain all the right paperwork before visiting the state for hunting season.

How to Get a Hunting License in Louisiana

Knowing how to get a hunting license in Louisiana can make the process much easier for you when you are ready to actually make the purchase. An online hunting license application is now available in LA, so be sure to review the requirements and options for buying it efficiently online. In addition to the license, a permit for hunting is required of most hunters for specific wildlife or specific seasons. You will need to obtain all the required and relevant licenses and permits before you go into the field, and make sure you carry proof of all valid documentation on your person.

If you buy a pass for hunting online, you will not receive an actual card. The hunting license cost will also vary based on how you purchase it, so you should account for those slight differences when making your plans.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Louisiana

The Louisiana Lifetime Hunting License might be a great option for you if you intend to continuously renew your otherwise annual license. Even an out of state hunting license can be for a lifetime visitor, if that would work best for your hunting plans. Getting a long-term license can save you from having to get a new license and new permits for each year and type of hunting in which you plan to partake.

A youth hunting license is an option for young children who want to hunt, with options for newborns through to early teenagers. A non resident hunting license is also available for qualified youth, so be sure to get the correct license based on your particular needs and circumstances. The youth licensing laws for hunting are important to understand, so review the details in the appropriate section below.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Louisiana

Taking a hunter safety course in Louisiana is required of most hunters, but it is also highly beneficial for even those hunters for whom an exemption applies. A hunter education course can help you to learn new skills, to hone your current skills and to improve the safety of the hunting community, at large. When everyone clearly understands the regulations and expectations of hunting in the state, then the entire community is better-prepared for a safe, enjoyable hunting season.

Hunters education is required of anyone seeking a license in the state who was born after a certain date. There are some exceptions, per the details below. An online hunter safety course can be an efficient way to complete your course requirements on your own schedule and from anywhere, but that style of training might not be ideal for everyone.

Louisiana Hunting Laws and Regulations

The hunting season in Louisiana is determined by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, with specific seasons determined for each hunting year. The hunting regulations during those specified seasons will also specify the type of hunting method able to be used, and the area that is open for licensed hunters. With most regulations, there are exceptions allowed for certain qualified hunters, so be sure to review your circumstances, in relation to the stated requirements.

Louisiana hunting laws are designed to keep the hunting community safe, and to ensure the sustainability of the sport. Hunting information for conservation efforts can be found within the annual handbook printed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Be sure to review the handbook each year to be informed of any updates to regulations, as well as to verify the current year’s seasons and restrictions.