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Learn About Mississippi Hunting Licenses

A Mississippi hunting license can offer a hunter hours, days or weeks of fun and an abundance of game to enjoy. The state Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks offers licenses in a variety of highly detailed forms, allowing hunters to customize licenses to their needs, preferences and schedules without overpaying for privileges they will not use.

A hunting permit can be temporary, long term or even last a lifetime. It is the foundational document upon which hunters, fishers, trappers and other outdoorsmen and women get their full legal permissions to use the land and weapons of their choice to take game.

Mississippi offers free hunter education and safety courses to help hunters qualify to purchase a DNR hunting license. Unlike many states, Mississippi makes much of the course available online to maximize hunters’ access and convenience. It also provides exemptions for seniors, hunters with disabilities and others to help make hunting licenses accessible to as many resident and out-of-state hunters as possible.

Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Wildlife Management Areas and National Forests provide bountiful public lands on which permit holders can take game, often for little or no charge. Hunters interested in a Mississippi hunting license are encouraged to begin exploring state hunting rules, regulations and procedures well in advance of hunting season to ensure that all their documents and prerequisites are in order before hunting season arrives.

How to Get a Hunting License in Mississippi

Although some states have seen a decline in hunting in recent years, interest in how to get a hunting license in Mississippi remains strong. The state actively encourages hunting by making extensive online hunting license services available for hunters’ convenience. It also runs free hunter safety courses and offers a wide variety of license types at a range of price points. Youth as young as 16 years old can obtain hunting and fishing privileges.

Hunting license requirements vary by hunter age, residency, preferred game, weapon, and the type of permit. All permits require prospective hunters to show qualifying forms of personal identification and to provide acceptable forms of payment. Even non-residents can get credentials to hunt game in Mississippi. Hunters must also supply proof that they have adequately completed state-approved hunter safety education courses.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Mississippi

From a three-day pass to a lifetime hunting license from Mississippi, the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks makes every effort to accommodate the needs, preferences and situations of hunters of all ages. Residents and non-residents can obtain state hunting licenses for a wide variety of game, including waterfowl, and using everything from “primitive weapons,” such as muzzleloaders and bows, to modern firearms. Applicants must carefully review the array of options available to them before selecting which categories of permits best fit their needs, since some permits are subject to more restrictions than others are.

For example, a short-term permit for hunting is only viable for a period of consecutive days beginning at date and time specified when the permit is purchased. Out of state hunting license privileges are generally capped at lower maximum harvest allowances than resident hunting license limits.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Mississippi

Taking a Mississippi approved hunter safety course is one of the first steps to becoming a safe, licensed and successful hunter. Since the launch of hunter education course programming nation-wide in the 1950s, annual counts of injuries and deaths related to hunting have dropped, both in Mississippi and across the country. In accordance with national best practices, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks’ courses cover a broad range of topics, from ethics and personal responsibility to first aid and basic survival skills.

As part of its commitment to public safety and equality, the DWFP delivers hunters education classes free of charge. Courses are open to youth and adults of all ages. Students having difficulty finding or attending a class may engage with a portion of the required material via an online hunter safety course.

Mississippi Hunting Laws and Regulations

Each Mississippi hunting season, resident and out-of-state hunters need to review state hunting conditions to ensure they are aware of and in compliance with the latest updates to applicable rules and laws.

These laws cover numerous topics, ranging from safety and hunters’ choice of hunting locations to limits and restrictions on the handling, selling and use of meat, furs and other parts of game. Ignorance of the law as the result of failure to check available sources of information is not a valid excuse for breaking laws. Hunters found in violation of state hunting restrictions can potentially face severe consequences.

Information on pre-existing and new hunting regulations is always available from the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks in multiple forms. Hunters can find information online or in print for easy reference.