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Learn About Nevada Hunting Licenses

Getting a hunting license in Nevada opens up a world of hunting opportunities for residents and visitors to the state. An NV hunting permit allows license holders to hunt all specific game in permitted recreation areas during open season dates and times.

The state offers multiple types of hunting licenses according to the type of game being hunted, the hunter’s age, and more. In many cases, hunters are required to enter lotteries for hunting tags to have permission to hunt specific categories of game. In Nevada, most adults and even minors over a certain age can apply for a state verification to hunt.

One of the most important requirements to get a DNR license in Nevada is taking and passing a state-certified hunters education course. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), which oversees DNR hunting license procedures and issuance in addition to wildlife management throughout the state, has an established hunter’s education program that is used to teach participants about the nature of Nevada and important laws and guidelines regulating hunting in the state.

A hunting permit can be applied for by Nevada residents, non-residents like students and military personnel and visitors. Interested applicants can submit a DNR license request online through the NDOW web portal or by paper application at an NDOW office. Open hunting season dates are set annually by the NDOW, along with game quotas and other policies. Lifetime hunting licenses are not available in Nevada, but other types of special permits allowing for wider game hunting options are available.

How to Get a Hunting License in Nevada

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and specifically the Wildlife Commission oversee how to get a hunting license and all procedures and policies related to hunting in the state. The NDOW offers residents the chance to submit either print or online hunting license applications during set periods throughout the year on a lottery basis. Every year, the number of hunting permit applications that are successful depend on the annual quota placed on that specific type of game by the NDOW. The NDOW offers only a limited number of permits to residents every year in an effort to keep the game population stable over the long-term and not allow Nevada to become victim to overhunting.

Where to buy a hunting license is up to the NV resident submitting the application. Interested applicants can choose to pay the hunting license cost and submit the application online or through print application at a nearby NDOW office. To receive any type of license for hunting, Nevada residents must meet some eligibility requirements and submit a complete application packet to be considered for all hunting lotteries. NV residents who previously had a permit and who would like to replace or renew a hunting license can also do so with a request to the NDOW.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Nevada

In Nevada, while there is no lifetime hunting license like is offered in some states, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) does offer both residents and nonresidents alike an array of options to choose from when it comes to applying for a license. The NDOW offers out of state hunting licenses for individuals meeting certain requirements who are temporarily residing in the state, in addition to the option to enter all open tag lotteries. The NDOW also offers discounted youth hunting license options for NV residents and non-residents under 18 years of age.

Regardless of whether a hunter has a non resident hunting license or a resident hunting license in Nevada, he or she is required to enter the lottery and receive the requisite hunting tags in order to be able to legally hunt many types of game in the state. It is required to have the applicable hunting tags in order to be able to legally hunt various types of game throughout the state, even for hunters with the basic permit.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Nevada

In Nevada, all hunters are required to complete and pass a hunter safety course before applying for NV hunting licenses or tags. All Nevada residents can enroll in a hunter education course in order to meet hunting licensing requirements or simply to learn more about the nature and wildlife of the region. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) offers several types of hunters education courses to residents, with topics covered ranging from basic hunting skills to archery training. Nevada children can also enroll in any education courses offered by the NDOW.

The NDOW encourages residents to enroll in an online hunter safety course to complete the first portion of the course, though paper copies of coursework can also be provided. The final section of the course to receive a hunting certificate must be completed in person at an approved location under the guidance of certified representatives. The topics covered in each course vary based on the purpose of the course, as do course prices.

Hunting Laws and Regulations in Nevada

In Nevada, the hunting season, regulations and other hunting-related matters are all overseen by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). The NDOW sets all permanent hunting regulations and manages the seasonal dates and game quotas set every year. Nevada hunting laws allow residents, non-residents and temporary visitors to take hunting education courses and request hunting licenses and tags for use during the open hunting season. Hunting can only be carried out in designated areas throughout the state and some areas require hunters to adhere to additional limitations to the general state hunting guidelines.

The NDOW provides hunting information to interested minors and adults through a variety of courses. According to new hunting regulations, hunters in Nevada can use any legal weapon to hunt most game species, unless in a geographic area with additional limitations. The NDOW has several other restrictions on hunters active throughout the state on issues such as transport, usage and more.