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Learn About New Hampshire Hunting Licenses

To get a hunting license in New Hampshire, interested resident and nonresident applicants can contact the NH Fish and Game (NHFG) Department which oversees all hunting related matters in the state.

To receive a hunting permit in New Hampshire, hunters must meet basic age and residency requirements for the type of license they would like and be able to demonstrate having passed the state’s hunters education requirements. In NH, all hunters are required to show proof of having passed a hunter’s education course in-state or an equivalent course in another state to receive a license.

Getting a DNR license for hunting in New Hampshire can be done in a few simple methods. Once a hunter has completed the education requirement for an NH DNR hunting license, he or she can head online or to a NHFG representative for help completing the basic hunters license application form. Hunters should be familiar with NH hunting regulations and environmental considerations before embarking on a hunting expedition outdoors.

There are several types of hunting licenses available to hunters who would like to take advantage of the New Hampshire wildlife. A specific type of hunting permit is required to hunt several types of game species found across the state along with game tags. Game tags are issued in lotteries to allow each hunter to take only a certain number of species during open seasons. Hunting season dates also often change based on the type of game being hunted.

How to Get a Hunting License in New Hampshire

How to get a hunting license in New Hampshire is determined by the NH Fish and Game (NHFG) Department, which oversee most hunting- and wildlife-related concerns in the state. The NHFG allows residents to apply for an online hunting license to hunt most types of game throughout the state or submit a paper application to a regional NHFG office.

Once approved, the hunting permit allows the signee to hunt game during open hunting seasons in designated areas across the state. The length and breadth of the permit varies based on the type of license being requested. The NHFG can issue licenses that last longer than one annual cycle, including lifetime licenses. The schedule of fees for NH hunting licenses is regularly updated by the NHFG.

In most cases, where to buy a hunting license in New Hampshire does not change based on the type permit being requested or the category of hunter requesting the license. Most hunters seeking game in New Hampshire should have some form of hunting permit before heading out for the hunt, except for those hunters who are minors or part of some other special groups.

Whether a hunter chooses to buy a hunting license online or by paper, he or she is required to have a physical copy of the license with his or her signature for the document to be valid. NH hunters must meet some education requirements before they can receive their license as well.

Types of Hunting Licenses in New Hampshire

Hunters can apply for a variety of licenses, ranging from a lifetime hunting license to a temporary day pass in New Hampshire, depending on their needs. Out of state hunting license options are available to temporary visitors and non-resident hunters to seek game anywhere legally permitted in the state of New Hampshire.

A special senior or youth hunting license is available to NH residents who meet certain age restrictions as well. Regardless of the specific type of hunting license that is issued, all hunters must adhere to the basic hunting guidelines set out by the New Hampshire Fish and Game (NHFG) Department that oversees all wildlife- and hunting-related matters in the state.

The NHFG oversees both resident and non resident hunting license applications and restrictions, determining hunting season dates annually, regular game quotas and hunter’s education courses and more.

In most cases, a New Hampshire resident hunting license will fall into one of three basic categories: hunting, fishing or specialty licenses. Each of these categories includes a few additional types of hunting permits that allow hunters to seek special game, hunt in special areas or use a specific type of weapon.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, passing a state-certified hunter safety course is required for all residents and non-residents seeking a hunting license in the state.

The basic hunter education course approved by the New Hampshire Fish and Game (NHFG) Department teaches hunters about state hunting guidelines and safety standards before allowing them to go into the field.

The standard NH hunter’s education program also includes certification for rifle and archery use for hunting. Only certified courses offered by preapproved providers can count towards the NHFG minimum education requirement.

Along with important ethical and safety considerations, students enrolling in an in-classroom or online hunter safety course in New Hampshire will learn a great deal about the nature and wildlife of the state.

New Hampshire hunters can choose to receive a hunting certificate by completing the course and final exam online or in-person, each for varying fees. Both types of education programs count towards the NHFG education requirement.

Student records of past education programs already completed can be requested from the school which carried out the course or in some cases from the NHFG.

Hunting Laws and Regulations in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire hunting season and other important hunting guidelines is determined regularly by experts at the NH Fish and Game Department. NHFG hunting regulations apply to all hunters seeking game in state borders and require that all hunters registering in the state complete the necessary hunter’s education course in order to receive a license.

The NHFG offers most basic licenses to both resident and non-resident hunters on different fee schedules, but many specialty licenses (like the lifetime hunting license) are reserved only for NH residents.

New Hampshire hunting laws govern where legal hunting can occur and the guidelines hunters must use when seeking game on public land. The NHFG has outlined hunting information for safe hunting and the ways that are permitted to take game when hunting, including limitations on baiting.

Certain big mammal species can also only be hunted by following specific state guidelines.