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Learn About New Mexico Hunting Licenses

Getting a hunting license in New Mexico is a mandatory step if you are planning on utilizing the abundant and diverse hunting opportunities available within the state. You will need a hunting permit regardless of whether you are hunting small-game or big-game species.

You can obtain your hunting credential through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF). Note that the state DGF issues various types of hunting licenses, permits and stamps, which vary depending on the type of hunting activity you will perform and the types of prey you will be hunting.

For instance, if you are only hunting squirrel and game birds other than turkey, then you will only need the standard game-hunting license. If you are hunting big-game species, on the other hand, then you will an additional NM DGF hunting license and tags, which are only issued to successful applicants.

The methods available to apply for your DGF license, the application steps, eligibility requirements and the licensing fees will vary depending on the type of license you are obtaining and whether or not you are a state resident.

After obtaining your hunter’s credential, you will be required to review the state hunting rules and regulations and follow them closely. For example, if you are planning on hunting big-game species, then you will have to use authorized hunting equipment and follow the correct tagging procedure.

To prepare for the responsibility of earning hunting permits and licenses, applicants can also enroll in approved hunter education courses.

How to Get a Hunting License in New Mexico

If you are wondering how to get a hunting license in New Mexico, then note that you will be required to submit your request through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF).

Applying for a New Mexico hunting permit and/or hunting license is an important procedure that must be completed by both amateur and professional hunters who would like to hunt big-game or small-game species within the state.

The application process, the requirements for a hunting license and the applicable fees will vary to a certain degree depending on several factors.

If you are wondering where to buy hunting license credentials, then note that the state DGF offers application methods online, by phone and in person.

Types of Hunting Licenses in New Mexico

Avid hunters may be interested in attaining a lifetime hunting license in New Mexico if they plan to engage in the sport and live in the state for several years. Hunters can apply for various hunting licenses in New Mexico that will differ based on several factors.

For instance, applicants may be eligible for a senior or a youth hunting license, which are available at reduced fees. Certain unique groups of hunters will also be offered discounted licenses. Those who are a member of the military and/or a disabled individual can apply for reduced-fee hunting credentials.

On the other hand, nonresidents will be required to pay a higher than standard fee.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (DGF) categorizes the various resident and non resident hunting license credentials in two major groups: small-game and big-game hunting licenses.

As the name suggests, small-game hunting licenses are the basic hunting credentials that can only be used to hunt specific small-game species.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in New Mexico

Enrolling in a New Mexico hunter safety course is an important step toward enjoying a fun and safe hunting adventure.

Participating in a hunting course is also mandatory for hunters younger than 18 years of age. The state Department of Game and Fish (DGF) offers various types of hunting courses, and hunters can take them in various teaching contexts.

For instance, hunters can enroll in an online hunter safety course or a traditional course with a class instructor.

To enroll in a DGF hunter education course in NM, hunters will be required to submit an online request through the department’s website, provided you have set up a personal account. Before applying, hunters can review the DGF course schedule, available course types and starting dates and choose accordingly.

New Mexico Hunting Laws and Regulations

During hunting season, all hunters must abide by certain laws and regulations in New Mexico after obtaining a hunting license. Failure to follow the set hunting laws may lead to a temporary or permanent revocation of the offender’s license.

The state Department of Game and Fish (DGF) also monitors the behavior of its licensed hunters by maintaining a record of demerit points. Accumulating a large number of negative points will lead to certain fines and penalties.

The various laws, regulations and hunting restrictions are explored in the following sections. The rules and regulations are grouped into several categories. For instance, the first section covers general rules applicable to all licensed hunters. Then, the regulations regarding big-game hunting are explored.