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Learn About Oklahoma Hunting Licenses

Different Oklahoma hunting license types are distributed through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and may be purchased online, by mail or in person from a local dealer. Youth licenses, lifetime licenses and annual hunting licenses are available to Oklahoma residents. 

Additionally, specific nonresident licenses are available to out-of-state applicants. Fees may vary. A hunting permit must be obtained to take certain wildlife. A hunting education course must be completed by non-exempt candidates. 

When out in the field, DNR license regulations covering clothing restrictions, season dates and bagging limits must be adhered to at all times. 

Keep in mind that a DNR hunting license may be suspended if state laws are violated. To learn more about hunting license applications, the types of OK credentials, hunter safety requirements and the current states laws being enforced, continue on to the sections below. 

How to Get a Hunting License in Oklahoma 

The information on how to get a hunting license in Oklahoma depends on the type of license you want to obtain. Applications may be processed online, by mail or in person with a licensed dealer. 

Note that your age and residency status will affect what license you are allowed to purchase, and as such, proof of identification and residency is required. In some cases, applicants are exempt from purchasing a license, altogether. 

If needed, a replacement license request may be processed online, by mail or in person. Keep in mind that a new online hunting license or replacement license may incur additional convenience fees. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation oversees hunting license applications within the state.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Oklahoma 

An Oklahoma lifetime hunting license is one of many options available to residents of the state. Residents and nonresidents of Oklahoma must apply for separate licenses. Depending on the age and residency status of the applicant, the range of licenses available, and the cost of each permit, will vary.

Specific licenses for military members and disabled hunters are available from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). The tribal compact allows certain nations to buy bulk licenses for their citizens at a lower price.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Oklahoma 

The Oklahoma hunter safety course is mandatory for all applicants under the age of 31. The course teaches students important safety tools and skills. 

Students have the option to take the course online, at home or in person, in a classroom setting. Apprentice licenses types are available to eligible applicants who have not taken the course. However, an apprentice hunter must be accompanied by an adult. Replacement hunter safety cards may be ordered online or by mail. The hunter education course is free to all participants. 

Oklahoma Hunting Laws and Regulations 

Oklahoma hunting season dates are different for each species of wildlife. Within each season, hunters must adhere to further restrictions based on the type of weapon used and the time of day. 

Not all locations are open for hunters, but those private and public hunting grounds that are open follow separate season dates. Special clothing requirements must be met in order to hunt in Oklahoma. 

Violations of hunting regulations may lead to fines, penalties and possible license suspensions.