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Learn About Rhode Island Hunting Licenses

Residents need a Rhode Island hunting license before they may hunt or kill any wild animal in the state, as hunting without a license is punishable under state law.

After obtaining a DEM license, sportsmen must keep the credential on them whenever they hunt or trap, as failure to present proof of licensure when asked upon is another punishable offense in the state. To apply for a DEM hunting license, applicants may complete the process online or in person.

If applying online, then customers may do so through the website of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM). To obtain a license in person, customers may visit participating sporting goods stores, city or town clerk offices or the main DEM office in Providence.

Furthermore, a special Rhode Island hunting permit may also be needed to hunt for turkey, deer or waterfowl on state lands. For instance, permits are available to hunters who wish to participate in the Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP) or those who plan to hunt for game birds and deer.

The State Waterfowl Stamp is also available for purchase. Moreover, many of these hunting licenses and permits are available to qualifying residents as well as nonresidents. To qualify for a license, applicants must complete a safety education program and pass an examination before they may obtain a course completion certificate.

While there is no minimum age requirement to enroll in a safety course, junior hunting license applicants must be at least 12 years of age.

How to Get a Hunting License in Rhode Island

Sportsmen will need to know how to get a hunting license in Rhode Island if they wish to legally hunt or trap wildlife in the state. After obtaining a license, sportsmen must keep their signed credential on them whenever they hunt, as failure to do so is punishable under state hunting laws and regulations.

To purchase hunting license credentials, customers may complete an application online or in person. In some cases, applicants with disabilities may apply by mail.

To purchase an online hunting license in Rhode Island, applicants must first apply for a unique Hunting and Fishing ID (RIHFID).

With this ID, sportsmen may log in to their online account at any time to reprint their current credential, report deer or turkey harvests or purchase additional licenses, stamps or permits. Customers can even renew hunting license credentials online by logging in with their RIHFID.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents may obtain a lifetime hunting license if they are veterans with disabilities or seniors who are at least 65 years of age.

They may obtain a regular resident hunting license if they are at least 15 years of age and reside in the state. Additionally, a military license is available to resident and nonresident military members, while junior licenses are available to young sportsmen who are between 12 and 14 years of age.

However, before obtaining any type of license for the first time, applicants must complete a hunter safety and education course.

Additionally, several non resident hunting license credentials are available to applicants who live outside of the state. These include regular licenses for nonresidents, temporary credentials for tourists and trapping licenses.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Rhode Island

The completion of a hunter safety course in Rhode Island is mandatory for any first-time hunting license applicant in the state. If novice hunters wish to enroll in a hunter education course, then they must contact the instructor directly.

To obtain a list of available courses, hunting license applicants may visit the website of the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) or they may contact the Department by telephone. Additionally, any sportsmen who wish to purchase a first-time archery permit must complete a course in bowhunter safety.

However, there are several exemptions to these education requirements. For instance, an applicant is typically exempt if he or she can present proof of a previously held hunting license. Even if hunters education is not mandatory, there are still many benefits to enrolling in a course.

Not only do safety courses help to reduce hunting accidents but students learn important hunting skills and strategies.

Hunting Laws and Regulations in Rhode Island

Before the Rhode Island hunting season begins, all hunters, guides or hunting assistants must know how to obtain a hunting license and any applicable stamps and permits.

Hunting without proper licensure is a punishable offense, and all sportsmen must keep their licenses on them whenever they hunt for birds and wild animals in the state. If hunters cannot present proof of licensure when asked upon, then their penalty will be the same as if they were hunting without a license.

In addition to these hunting regulations, it is important for all resident and nonresident sportsmen to familiarize themselves with the state’s daily bag and possession limits, orange clothing requirements, permitted hunting areas and prohibited activities.

If hunters violate any local laws or regulations, then the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) may suspend or revoke their hunting privileges.