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Learn About Vermont Hunting Licenses

A Vermont hunting license is required before you can hunt or trap any species of wildlife in the state. You can either buy a hunting permit as a resident or a non-resident to receive many of the same hunting benefits.

There are a variety of permits that you can obtain, such as annual licenses, five-year permits or even lifetime credentials. Hunting licenses can also be combined with other licenses, such as those for fishing, so that you can enjoy even more outdoor activities.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, otherwise referred to as the VFWD or DNR, issues hunting permits to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria.

There is no minimum age for getting a DNR license, but all first-time applicants need to complete hunter’s education before they are eligible for a license. Hunter’s ed can be completed at any age, but a participant needs to be mature enough to pass the exams and exercises in class.

Once an applicant gets a DNR hunting license, it is important that he or she follows all of the regulations that go with it. For example, hunters need to only use their permits during the correct seasons.

Furthermore, a hunter will need to know which types of wildlife he or she can take with a license. Not all permits allow a hunter to take any type of wildlife. In many cases, additional permits will be required so that hunters can take a particular species.

How to Get a Hunting License in Vermont

If you are wondering how to get a hunting license in Vermont, it is easy to buy your credentials online, through the mail or in person. Licenses and permits are issued by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD) to both residents and non-residents.

When applying for credentials, you simply need to pay a fee, verify your age and residency and prove that you have met the other qualifications for licensure, such as completing hunter’s education.

Before learning where to buy hunting license credentials, it is important to learn when you are required to have a permit and what type of license you need to buy.

There are a variety of different licenses available from the VFWD, and each comes with specific privileges and responsibilities. Below, learn more about the licensure you need and find information on ordering an online hunting license or buying your credentials through other methods.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Vermont

A lifetime hunting license in Vermont is a great choice if you plan on hunting every year and want to save money over the course of your life. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD) provides a wide range of licenses that you can buy to suit any hunting or trapping need.

If you are not ready to commit to a lifetime license or cannot afford to pay that much upfront, there are several other options that allow you to get out in the field on an annual basis.

If you are not a resident of Vermont, you can still get an out of state hunting license in order to take wildlife in the state.

Most non-resident hunting license options have the same benefits and responsibilities as resident licenses, making it easy to plan a hunting trip in Vermont even if you live elsewhere. In the sections below, learn everything you need to know about VFWD licenses for sale and discover which type of credential is right for you.

Hunter Safety and Education Courses in Vermont

A Vermont hunter safety course is required for all first-time rifle hunters, trappers and bowhunters in the state. A hunting education course is mandatory not just because it increases safety out in the field, but because it helps hunters learn how to be responsible and ethical outdoorsmen.

Courses cover a wide range of topics that all hunters need to know before starting a trip, starting with all the laws and regulations they need to know.

Hunters education is taught in a few different formats, allowing you to find a convenient class that fits into your schedule. Classes are offered all throughout the state at various times during the year.

Some time slots fill up more quickly than others, though, so it is important to register for a class in advance as soon as you know you want to apply for a hunting license. Below, learn about the different types of classes you may be required to take and discover how to successfully complete a course.

Vermont Hunting Laws and Regulations

Understanding the Vermont hunting season rules is important before you plan a hunting trip in the state. There are a variety of different seasons in which you are allowed to hunt, but they vary greatly from one species to the next. Seasons can even change from year to year for the same species.

In addition to hunting seasons, you will want to learn all of the other laws that relate to your hunting license before you get out into the field.

Laws are set by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD) and are subject to change at any time. Many hunting regulations are applicable no matter your age or the type of license you have, but some rules are specific to certain groups. For example, you have to follow a few additional restrictions if you are a youth hunter.

At any rate, the regulations are in place to keep you and other hunters safe in the field while also conserving wildlife populations. In the sections below, learn about all of the rules and restrictions you need to know before getting out to hunt in Vermont.